We're focused on your  financial security,
so you can focus on retirement.

How we position you for long-term success

Our primary goal is to provide clients with income security and asset preservation strategies. We achieve this objective by taking an individual approach with each client, based on their unique circumstances. We then implement and monitor the plan over time, which allows us to help them achieve their ultimae goal of income safety and overall financial security throughout retirement.

How is UAA different from a traditional stockbroker?

Personal financial planners fit into one of two general categories: brokers and fee-based advisors.
United Advisors America is a fee-based advisor.

At United Advisors America, our team of fiduciary wealth managers collaborates with our in-house CPAs and attorneys to thoroughly assess every aspect of your financial situation. Our goal is to maximize the potential of your money, providing you with lasting benefits day after day, year after year.